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Ginger's Story:

A New Beginning

From this...

To this...

Restoring a classic

I found Ginger in April, 2017. She had been sitting in the garage of a local man for nearly 8 years, and seemed ready for new life. She was orange/white, a little dirty, and perfect for me. She just needed a little love and care.

Ok, maybe she needed A LOT of love and care. Overall, she wasn't in bad condition, especially when it came to rust. There were no major rust spots eating away the body. That was really good to see! There was SO much potential in her. I set to work right away! Out with old...

I knew I wanted to go with a Peach and White color scheme, so I'd need to sand down all the old paint to get her smooth and ready for a new paint job.

Ginger came to me with the original engine in it, which was pretty cool! Unfortunately that engine leaked everywhere, was underpowered, and was gonna cost a fortune to fix up. I did some research, found out about the  "Subaru Swap" online, and decided to pull the trigger! Thanks to a few friends, and the internet, I dropped in a 2003 Subaru Outback engine into Ginger's engine bay. She runs better than before now!

(If you're wondering if I'd done ANYTHING like this before, the answer is NO. I learned as I went. It was crazy, I know.)

Once the new engine was installed, I could finish the paint job! Back at it, getting it taped up and ready to be sprayed. I turned my garage in to a full Paint Booth! Started it off with a white Epoxy primer, then a grey sanding primer. Once the primer was all sanded smooth, I hit it with the base coat and the clear coat.