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Frequently Asked Questions:

How far will Ginger Travel?

Right now, we're booking in northern Utah, but we'd be interested in venturing out of state if we can work it out with our schedule! Call or email for reservation questions. :)

Can we personalize our photo strips?

Of course! We can put any name or event logo on the prints so that the memories are personalized to your event. We want to make it special for YOU!

How does Ginger fit at our Venue?

If the venue allows for it, we can pull her right inside! We'll set up in a wide open spot, plug in, and make photo memories. No drips or stains with this bus, she's been rebuilt and ready for anything. We can also park Ginger right outside the door, so that guests have easy access to her Photobooth features. If there are any doubts or questions, please reach out. We'll make it work!

How do we get our Photos?

We print 2 copies of every photobooth session right there at the event! If more are requested, we can absolutely do that. And all events will get digital copies afterward. 

How old is Ginger?

Ginger is a 1974 VW Transporter Bus type2. She has quite a long history, and plenty of character! For more info on her transformation, check out the page "Ginger's Story" on this site. :)

"Making memories one photo at a time..."

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